21 Easy New Year’s Nail Design Ideas To Try At Home

Now that New Year’s Eve is around the corner, I wanted to give you some easy New Year’s nail ideas ideas you can try at home.

While going to the nail salon is fun and we can definitely appreciate the professional look of them, sometimes is not possible for whatever reason.

In my case, I love making my own nails as a creative outlet; and even though I’m not an expert, I still enjoy making my nails at home.

So if you are not that good at creating complex designs, then these New Year’s nail design ideas are for you!


Basic Nail Tools You Will Need

Even though the point of this post is that you won’t need any professional tool, there are some implements that can definitely make it easier for you.

For example, this dotting pens and brushes set that can help you improve your designs.

Also, having a manicure kit can also be a great idea. That way you can take care of your nails and cuticles.

You don’t need to get one with many tools, like this one. You just need the basics, like this manicure set.

Now, if you want to start to take care of them in a more professional way, this electric nail file set is a great option.

Another product that you should get is a cuticle oil and a nail strengthener. Both will be very beneficial to help your nails look healthy.

Recently I saw a girl on TikTok recommending this nail growth oil. So you can give it a try!

Easy New Year’s Nail Art Ideas

1. Black And Gold Nails

These nails are perfect for those girls that love a more darker look, but also loves glitter. They look so classy as well!

To achieve this look, you can use OPI Black Onyx and Sally Hansen Wild Card. Another option for the gold glitter is the China Glaze Counting Carats.

2. Simple New Year’s Nail Design

If you are more a low-key type of girl; or because of your job you can’t have a lot of glitter on your nails, then this design is for you.

The best part of this nail art is how easy it is to recreate!

You just need some 3D gold star nail stickers (here another option), and a soft base like Essie Nude Pink.

PS: don’t forget to seal the stickers with a top coat.

3. Fun Top Glitter Nails For New Year’s Eve

Another option for those girls that prefer a simple design for the season. Very minimal, but also festive. Perfect nail design to make at home.

For the nude base coat, you can use OPI Bubble Bath, and for the multi-color glitter you can use Cirque Colors Party Popper or Sally Hansen Confetti Craze.

4. Colorful Confetti Nails Inspo

If you are a girl that loves colors, then this nails design for new year’s is for you! I love how pretty all the colors look. Just like confetti.

For this design you will need a clear base; glitter nail polish, like the Zoya Cosmo Magical; and some stickers for nails. You can get the stars, here; and the hexagons, here.

5. Easy Nude New Year’s Nail Design

Simple nails are so classy and perfect for those who want the sparkle, but in a more subtle way. Perfect for those workplaces that have a more strict dress code.

This nail design is also perfect for those who are just starting to do their nails at home.

To achieve this look, you just need OPI Coastal Sand-tuary as a base, and ILNP Tinsel.

6. Gold Stars Nails

I truly love all the gold details in this nail design.

To make it easier for you, you can always get these self-adhesive nail tips guides, to help you shape the tips. These are great if you are just starting out.

For the base, you can use OPI Bubble Bath and Essie Mosaic On Down for the tips. You can get these nail stickers for the gold stars.

7. Pastel Nails For New Year’s

The good thing about this design, is that you can choose pastel color you like the most. Personally, I love pink so I would do mine with that color. It would super cute with white as well.

If you are a beginner, using these nail stickers for the gold stars, can make the job easier. It’s a great way to get the tips the way you want without getting messy. Especially if you feel like you are too shaky.

To make this nail design for your New Year’s Eve party, use your favorite nude color (a great option is OPI Bubble Bath), and for the tips you can use OPI Polly Want a Lacquer?. For the stars you can either make them yourself with a silver nail polish like the OPI Go Big or Go Chrome you can get stickers like theses ones.

8. Gold and White Nail Inspo

Another easy nail art for New Years’s, is this white and gold design.

You literally just need white nail polish, like OPI Funny Bunny; and these golden sticker strips (here another option). Super easy to recreate!

9. Gold + Silver Nails

If you like wearing gold and silver jewelry, the this nail design for New Year’s Eve is a great option for you.

For the gold nail; you can use Ella+Mila Gilded, Ella+Mila Mirror Mirror; and you can use Sally Hansen Re-Nude, for the index finger. For the stars, you can use these stickers.

10. Sparkling Nail Tips For New Year’s Eve

Another simple and easy nail design for your New Year’s Eve party.

If you aren’t a fan of gold, you can always get a different glitter nail polish.

You just need OPI Bubble Bath for the base, and Essie Glossy Shine for the tips.

11. Gold Borders Nail Design

Even though this New Year’s nail design look simple and easy enough, it can be a little tricky if you don’t have a good tool for it.

OPI Bubble Bath is great as a base, and you can use Heroine NYC Gold Digger for the borders.

12. Christmas + New Year’s Nails

Since Christmas and New Year’s Eve are so close together, getting your nails done that fit both festivities are a smart thing and very convenient.

To recreate this look; you need OPI Stay Off the Lawn!!, OPI Samoan Sand for the middle finger, and Sally Hansen Wild Card.

13. Matte Nails For New Year’s Eve

If you love matte nails, then this one is for you!

I have the OPI Matte Top Coat, and it works great. You will also need OPI Black Onyx and a couple of coats of the Essie 21 Summit Of Style.

14. Sparkly Snowflakes

If you are spending New Year’s Eve somewhere with cold weather, then this nails would look super cute.

Even though the snowflakes are drawn, you can always use decals instead. Like these ones.

To recreate this nail design for New Year’s; you will need OPI Bubble Bath for the base, and glitter nail polish. I wasn’t able to find the same one, but here are some similar options: Essie Congrats, Essie On A Silver Platter, Zoya Cosmo Magical Pixiedust.

15. Blue Sky

If glitter is not your thing, then here’s another cute option for you.

For the base, use Essie Left on Shred; and for the gold details, use OPI Sleigh Bells Bling.

16. Silver Black Nail Design

Not everyone loves nudes, and that’s perfect. If that’s your case, then you are going to love this easy nail design.

You will only need OPI Black Onyx; and for the glitter section something like Born Pretty Holographic Nail, Essie On A Silver Platter, or Zoya Cosmo Magical Pixiedust.

17. New Year’s Eve French Tips

This are the cutest dark French tips I have seen! Perfect for the occasion, also they look super elegant.

OPI Bubble Bath works great as a base, and OPI Black Onyx for the tips. For the gold part, you can get this set of nail foils. You can also use gold glitter for that part as well (like China Glaze Counting Carats).

18. Minimalist Nails For New Year’s

If your nails have can’t be too flashy due to work or school, then this nail design is perfect for you.

You just need OPI Put it in Neutral, and China Glaze Star Hopping. To make a perfect line, you can use the help of nail art tips guides.

19. Gold Details

If you are looking for some easy and last minute nail designs, then this one is perfect for you.

To react this look, you need OPI Bare My Soul, and ILNP Empire.

20. Stars For New Year’s

It can’t get as easy as this nail design, and it’s perfect for your last week of the year if you have a busy schedule and can’t have nails full of glitter.

You just need OPI Bubble Bath, and these star stickers for nails (here’s another option).

21. Elegant Nail Design For New Year’s

Lastly, we have this easy and elegant nail design for New Year’s.

To recreate this, you need OPI Black Onyx, Essie Topless & Barefoot​, and China Glaze Star Hopping. Also, if you need some help to make the shapes, you can get these nail art tips guides.

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