Let’s Work Together!

Hey, there! I’m Melissa, the content creator behind the blog Elephant on the Road, and I’m thrilled you’re here!

  • Are you looking to reach an audience of women that is engaged and excited to try new things?
  • Want an authentic and honest voice to bring your brand to life through content creation using storytelling and creative visuals​?
  • Need a fresh point of view on your product or service?

We may be a great fit then! Email me at melissa.elephantontheroad@gmail.com to start a conversation.

I am very passionate about working with brands that authentically fit into my lifestyle and that I know my readers will come to love and trust. They know that I truthfully share my opinions about those products I really like.

My focus on working with brands is showing how a product can fit into my audience’s lifestyle. Just like it fits into mine.


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